Wilson Legacy Review Committee

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The Board of Trustees appointed a special committee to consider Woodrow Wilson's legacy at Princeton, and, more specifically, whether changes should be made in how the University recognizes Wilson's legacy. The board in April adopted the committee's report and recommendations (.pdf), calling for an expanded and more vigorous commitment to diversity and inclusion at Princeton.

The 10-member committee was chaired by Brent Henry '69, the vice chair of the Board. In addition to collecting views through this website, members of the committee were on campus early in the spring semester for in-person conversations.

The committee considered information about Wilson from a range of scholars and biographers with an expertise relevant to an understanding of Wilson's legacy and invited observations and opinions from alumni, faculty, students, staff, parents and others. The committee sought a wide array of perspectives from the various constituencies that have an interest in Wilson's legacy and how it is represented on the campus.

In its report, the committee thanked all those who took the time to participate in the conversation.